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  • Ask for our sharp rates and the possibilities. We’d like to make a calculation for you.
  • Our Stock contains Vehicles from whole Europe.
  • Intercam Export has an extensive drivers database, which is available on call to drive the Vehicles by Road. 
  • let’s surprise you with our very sharp rates and possibilities. 
  • Intercam Export is the first Truck selling Company who’s been Officially VWE certificated as VWE -Export partner. 

Register- and check out of the RDW system

If you sell a Dutch Registrated Vehicle to Intercam Export, we’ll take care off making the right Procedure for the RDW. You’ll get an Official document which is your evidence that you are no longer the owner of the Vehicle. Our Stock contains Vehicles from whole Europe. Vehicles with Dutch Registration, will get by export an Official RDW document. For our Dutch Clients we’ll register the Vehicle in their Name.

rdw erkend

Intercam is also RDW certificated for the demolishing of Vehicles.
For more information look at: http://www.rdw.nl.

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